Domestic Violence Unit

The Domestic Violence Division was created with monies from the Violence Against Women Act Fund (VAWA).

The Division’s goals are to provide specialized prosecution by attorneys trained in domestic violence work. This is fundamental in order to ensure consistent advocacy for victims and faster trial dates.

The Division aims to:

  • Increase the conviction rate in domestic violence criminal cases and to proactively monitor domestic violence cases to ensure compliance;
  • Provide emergency legal advocacy;
  • Provide expedient processing of protective order applications;
  • Provide safety planning with victims;
  • Provide referrals to outside legal services;
  • Continuous contact with victim;
  • Liaison with community;
  • Vertical prosecution to expedite process;
  • Proactive monitoring of criminal case;
  • Prosecuting protective orders;
  • Monitoring defendants for compliance with court ordered conditions of prosecution;
  • Advising victims of their role in the criminal justice system;
  • Crisis counseling through referrals or peer counseling by the legal advocate;
  • Information referrals in person and by telephone;
  • Personal advocacy in form of placing victims in contact with other service agencies and by helping victims to deal with schools, employers, and other government agencies;
  • Telephone information and referrals; and
  • Emergency legal advocacy such as assistance with filing a request for a protective order or calling in a hotline report to Child or Adult Protective Service.


Arturo Villarreal
Assistant District Attorney/Domestic Violence Unit Supervisor

Ruth Medina
Legal Advocate/Coordinator

Jessica Munoz
DVU Paralegal